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     During the peak of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, around the year 1990, the snack gurus that brought us so many other delicacies such as the twinkie™, the ho ho™, and the ding dong™, gave birth to the greatest snack treat ever: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pie™. Hostess had slammed turtle power into each succulent bite, making the turtle pie the best thing to hit this planet in its billions of years of existence. It consisted of a thick, green (mutagen) glaze on the outside with a mouth watering vanilla pudding on the inside. The combination was indescribable.     

     However, in the years following our savior-of-the snack-world died out. Power Rangers, the new kid on the block of children's entertainment, shifted the demand curve away from our lean-green-fighting machines, and so our pies went with them. Our world was destroyed one day when my best friend and I made our daily trip down the street to our neighborhood Circle K and found that there were no turtle pies left. Now, the few fans left to tell their tale can merely savor their final taste of ambrosia as they would remember it, yearning for the years when they were ignorant of any end being near. This statement is directed at those veterans, those kings with golden pallets who've tasted the food of the gods themselves. We need your help now to end our infinite with-drawl. This is a petition to bring back either

a) the turtle pie itself, (for there is a new Ninja Turtle cartoon being aired on Fox Saturday mornings), or

b) the creation of a product equal to the power of its predecessor. One that would have a vanilla pudding filling and a glaze good enough to do the job.

     Both options are excellent, but we need your help to revive the most fantastic food to ever to be consumed on this planet.

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